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In Pie Plano Cocina Fusion Local we have something distinctive that is to offer specials outside the menu daily and that has helped us so that our clientele is always aware of what we are going to offer per day and helps us to exploit our creativity in those dishes since we exalt our imagination.



Pie Plano Cocina FusiĆ³n Local emerged in 2017 with the goal of creating a Creole fusion restaurant in the Cupey area that fulfills the mission of satisfying the needs of the customers we have around us.

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Croquetas de Bacalao

Salsa Criolla Picante

Canelones de Yuca y Cerdo

Wonton Fritos de Longaniza y Dulce de papaya


Glaseado de Hierbas y vino blanco

Montaditos de Salmon

Tostada con queso crema de hierbas, salmon ahumado, cebolla lila curada, y alcaparras

Pechuga Parmesana

Sellada al sarten / queso parmesano / perejil

Montecristo Sandwich

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