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Pie plano Cocina Fusion

Our History

Pie Plano Cocina Fusión Local emerged in 2017 with the goal of creating a Creole fusion restaurant in the Cupey area that fulfills the mission of satisfying the needs of the customers we have around us. The two owners Ingrid and Gerardo are a couple of chefs who for many years practiced their profession before creating Pie Plano in Cupey.

Where does Pie Plano come from?

In the search for names for the restaurant several emerge, but Ingrid observing characteristics between Lyah Camila and her parents finds that Gerardo and she were Pie Plano. He tells him and laughs. Gerardo mentions that he didn't love it, but Ingrid and her stubbornness asked several friends and family and they all loved it. She talks to Gerardo again and that's when he begins to see the meaning of the name, after Ingrid tells him this story.

It's called Pie Plano Cocina Fusión Local because both (Ingrid and Gerardo) wanted to have something distinctive from Lyah Camila in the Restaurant.

Pie plano Cocina Fusion
Pie plano Cocina Fusion

Our Mission

We seek in our kitchen to have varieties of dishes that are of the pleasure of our diners and that repeat their visit.

Who we are

Without further details Pie Plano Cocina Fusión Local has as in front of Chef Ingrid Rodríguez and her husband Gerardo Lugo as "Back of the House" letting their flavors feel in each of the recipes that are delivered here at the table.

It was always Gerardo’s dream to have his own restaurant and that’s when he in 2017 pushed Ingrid to dream of the same thing. Both begin to create Pie Plano Local Fusion Cuisine.